Nowtendo Magazine

Pick yourself up a copy of Nowtendo Magazine!

Yup, that’s right, Nowtendo Magazine is live and you can purchase it digitally or physically through MagCloud! We aim to have at least one magazine-exclusive article written by one of our skilled writers. In the future, we aim to formulate a polling system to add a bit more reach out to the community.

Why Should You Buy?

We get it, there’s so much you can spend money on. Why tack a magazine to the laundry list of purchases? Well, simply put, because it’s both fan-run and made with love. Plus, if you like what we do, there are exclusive articles that can be found only in the magazine.

How Often Is Nowtendo Magazine Going To Publish?

While we aim to hit the mark of a monthly magazine, we may miss a month. All in all, though, we hope to get Nowtendo Magazine as a monthly release.

Will This Ever Be Translated?

Well… we’d love to one day be able to translate each issue into another language and maybe release it a week or so after the initial issue drops, but that’s far in the future. We simply don’t have that kind of ability with the current team we have.