Write For Us

Each position is volunteer!

Nowtendo needs your help! Do you consider yourself a pretty darn good writer? Do you believe you have a great grasp of grammar and English? Are you one that eats, drinks, and breathes Nintendo coverage? Well, if you check those boxes, you may fit in perfectly.

Nowtendo is seeking brand-new writers with the dedication to help a brand-new site build up an audience that craves Nintendo news, reviews, opinions, and guides. We are currently looking for:

  • News writers

Covering news stories coming out pertaining to new releases, week-long eShop sales/news (no sales that end within 48 hours of you setting your article to pending, odds are they will be missed due to timezone problems), industry news including events Nintendo was expected/confirmed to be going to.

  • Review writers

A subsect of news writers, it’s preferred that you have an interest in both, so that you don’t get left behind, but it isn’t required. As touched on later, we cannot promise triple-A titles for reviews, as such, we are flexible as to what you are allowed to review. Provided it’s done on a Switch or other Nintendo console, it should be fine.

Important to reviewers: At this current state, Nowtendo is not in a stable enough state to promise review copies of triple-A Switch titles. We may, if lucky, have enough of an audience to get a review copy of an indie title, though. If interested, please fill out this application.